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We service the Glendale Ca area and provide maintenance service, new installation of furnaces and air conditioning units. The following are some tips to troubleshoot problems.

Before Getting Air Conditioning Service & Repair Glendale

Improper operation is a very common problem with home and business air conditioning. It sounds obvious but is often overlooked, all windows in a home or business need to be closed while the air conditioning system is running. If room air conditioners are used then it is vital to keep the room(s) you are cooling closed off from the rest of the home or building for the best efficiency.

Inadequate air conditioning service, poor repair procedures and faulty installation are other common problems. Too often unqualified service technicians overlook or worsen existing refrigerant charging problems by not finding the problem in the first place or adding refrigerant to an already full system. Unqualified technicians may not follow the manufacturer’s specifications regarding the proper amount of refrigerant charge leading to problems with the systems performance and efficiency. Low airflow and leaky air ducts can result from improper installation of a central air conditioner.

Manufacturers of air conditioning units make high quality, durable products, in general. A couple of things to check straight away if your air conditioner stops working are fuses or circuit breakers and the high-pressure limit switch, located on the compressors access panel and reset by pushing the reset button. If neither of these resolve the issue then further investigation of the following items may be beneficial:

Inadequate Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance
It is very likely that the compressor or fans will prematurely fail if the air conditioning coils and filters get dirty and the air conditioning system or unit won’t work properly or efficiently.
Refrigerant Leaks
Remember that you will get the best out of your system when the refrigerant charge matches the manufacturer’s specifications exactly. If the system leaks, the problem will not be resolved by just adding more refrigerant. You will need to call a qualified, trained technician to fix the leak(s), test the repair, and finally charge the system using the correct amount of refrigerant. It is also worth mentioning that refrigerant leaks are detrimental to our environment.
Failure with Electrical Control
Corrosion of terminals and wires is a common problem in many systems. Electrical contacts and connections should be looked at by a qualified technician during your air conditioning service. Compressor and fan controls wear out when a system frequently turns on and off, which is common with oversized systems.
Problems with Drainage
If a system or room air conditioner is not level it most likely will not drain properly. Drains should be checked for clogging and proper drainage.

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