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Air Conditioning Contractor

How To Choose an Air Conditioning Contractor

It is that time of year again, and your central air conditioning could use a check up, and maintenance for the coming cooling season. Or your old system is in need of replacement, you have a new house being built and are looking for the perfect unit for your new home. All of these things have one thing in common, and that is you need to find a professional who can service your needs in a timely manner, and not break the bank.

Most that you call can give a decent estimate for n=maintenance on most units, but for anything else a house call is in order. Check your state’s better business bureau, see what the ratings are for the companies you have in mind, check their insurance coverage, get references from people in your area who have used them for repairs and replacements of similar items. Check around for specials in the area when you are considering a purchase of this size and you will more than likely find some deals that will fit your needs as well.

Once you have a contractor, or even more than one in mind, expect an evaluation of your home and an inspection of your current system to see if it is efficient and up to the job of cooling your home for you. He will want to know the insulation in the home, what kind of windows you have , your duct system, and check for air leaks as well as measuring the air flow to make sure it meets specifications.

Get written and itemized estimates from all the contractors, making sure you have cost, efficiencies, and warranties spelled out with the prices. The lowest may not always be the best energy wise and could cost in the long run. Once you have decided on a contractor; get a signed, written proposal including the model numbers of the specific equipment and warranty information.

The caution in picking a contractor gives you plenty of coverage if you follow the steps and you will have an efficient well performing air conditioning system for many years to come while you enjoy your home and maintain the system with routine maintenance schedules.

A purchase of this size is certainly going to be a major expense, and it pays well to compare and contrast different proposals from companies that can install a new energy efficient air conditioning system in your home and make sure it is kept in top shape for you!

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