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Air Conditioning Repair

In Glendale when summer is at it’s hottest it can be near impossible to get a good nights sleep. Glendale air conditioning repair by Electric Guy services can help to keep you cool and comfortable. . We are dedicated to serving the Glendale area with air conditioning services in an ethical and honest manner.

Electric Guy has trained professionals providing quality installation and air conditioning services. Air conditioning services include maintenance, repair and replacement, and service that is top quality.

Our technicians deliver fast and dependable service. Technicians will arrive promptly in company vehicles and wearing company uniforms for ease of identification. Our technicians are prepared so they can do the work in a timely and efficient manner while being friendly and courteous.


Electric Guy prides itself on it’s Glendale air conditioning repair services and has built a reputation over the years for it’s commitment to customer satisfaction through honesty and good values.

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